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Do you offer a warranty?

BODYGUARD will issue a warranty certificate to vehicles less than 1 year old (less than 6,000 miles) that have been inspected and approved by one of our authorized dealers.  Valid for seven years, renewable annually as long as the vehicle is re-sprayed each year.  Annual full cost's will apply.  The warranty can also be transferred to a new owner.  Not valid on commercial vehicles. 

What do you warranty?

Our warranty covers the front and rear fender panels, the doors, the rocker panels, the hood, the truck lid, back panels and the underside of the vehicle.  If any of these treated areas develop rust from the inside of the panel out, we will repair the damaged area free of charge.

Will my new car warranty be void?

BODYGUARD does not void new car warranties.

Do you clean the underside of my car first?

Ordinary road dust does not effect our process.  Large amounts of caked on mud and debris should be removed prior to your appointment. 

Can you treat my car when its wet?

BODYGUARD displaces moisture and can be applied in any season.

Does your product drip?

BODYGUARD was designed not to drip; only the excess product will drip up to 48 hours following the application.

When can I wash my car?

We recommend that you do not wash your vehicle for a period of 48 hours.  Within 7 days, we recommend washing with warm water and a quality car wash soap.  Use scrubbing action with a soft cloth.  An automobile car wash is also acceptable. 

How much does BODYGUARD cost?

Our prices for an application are set by vehicle types and size. Prices start at $109.95.  Call us today to schedule your vehicle to be protected by BODYGUARD Rust Protection. 



BODYGUARD is an environmentally friendly oil based product that is a highly effective rust proofing product that has been tested and refined to protect and maintain all types of vehicles against the damaging effects of corrosion. 

How does it work?

Applied as a high-pressured spray, BODYGUARD protects your vehicle's most critical areas by penetrating and displacing existing moisture and forming a protective barrier to the many vulnerable crevices found in vehicles.

Do you drill any holes?

BODYGUARD technicians will use the existing holes provided by the manufacturer, however, certain critical areas cannot be accessed without drilling.  To avoid the consequences of drilling, we will use a special drill bit that will not heat up the metal area.  Once the area has been treated, we protect every hole by applying a special protective product and esthetic plastic caps.

My car is already showing signs of rust. Will your treatment work?

BODYGUARD will not repair existing rust but it will slow down its progress considerably. 

What if my vehicle is involved in an accident?

If your vehicle is involved in an accident, you must contact your BODYGUARD Rust Protection center within 14 days for re-application to the repaired area of your vehicle. This re-application will be done at a nominal charge to the owner, however, if you have CarMasters Collision & Glass repair your vehicle, the re-application will be done free. Please keep in mind, if you have utilized insurance for your accident, inform the insurance company that your vehicle has had rust proofing applied.  You may have to show your BODYGUARD proof of purchase to be included in your claim.  In the event that the BODYGUARD center, in its discretion considers the damage extensive or the repairs inferior, it may cancel this warranty in part or in full.   Failure to re-apply the BODYGUARD product in these circumstances voids this warranty. Courtesy inspections are available at no charge. 

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